Here at One Man’s Trash, we offer three different sizes of dumpsters to rent for all of your needs. Knowing what size you need is the only decision you need to make! Whether you are remodeling, cleaning out your basement or garage, or re-doing your roof, we have the dumpster for you!

All three of our dumpsters are 16 ft long, and 8 ft wide. The difference in sizes is in the height of the dumpster. Please follow the guide below to know what size dumpster you need to rent.

10 cubic yards (270 cubic feet)
This dumpster is the smallest we offer and stands at 2 ½ feet tall.

This dumpster is the right size for:
•   The 10 cubic yard is preferred by the majority of my kitchen and bathroom remodelers.
•   Cleaning up your yard, removing debris, leaves, and plants.
•   Roof tear offs.  The 10 cubic yard will hold up to 34 roofing squares (e.g. a 1700 sq ft roof with 2 layers of shingles).
•   Small shed demolition

15 cubic yards (405 cubic feet)
This medium sized dumpster stands at 4 feet tall.

This dumpster is the right size for:
•   Replacing/removing carpet
•   Remodeling a room such as a kitchen or basement.
•   Medium sized garage, basement, and attic cleanouts.
•   Deck or patio demolition, up to 250 square feet, however we can only haul 3 cubic yards of concrete due to the weight.
•   (we do not use the 15 cubic yard for shingles as this is too much weight)

20 cubic yards (540 cubic feet)
Our largest dumpster stands at 5 ½ feet tall.

This dumpster is the right size for:
•   Bigger clean up jobs
•   Doing a large room/ kitchen remodel
•   Replacing/removing large amounts of carpet
•   Roof tear offs.  The 20 cubic yard will hold up to 68 roofing squares.
•   Small garage demolition

Still not sure what size dumpster to rent? Give us a call! We will be more than happy to help you rent the perfect size for your needs. We want to make sure that you have the right dumpster rental for your project.

Need help with your junk removal? We offer the manpower to help you haul your trash! Whether you have one item, or are clearing out an entire estate, we will remove any trash.