How to Have a Clutter-Free Home in One Weekend

Clutter can be crazy-making for almost anyone. If you don’t know how irritating clutter can be, you might have been living with clutter for too long. Instead of trying to painstakingly get rid of clutter an hour at a time, dedicate an entire weekend to getting rid of junk once and for all with a little help from One Mans Trash.

What’s Junk and What’s Not?

Rent a dumpster, and get ready to do some serious junk removal. When in doubt, look at a quick checklist to determine if something is junk or not.

  •  Does the item need extensive repairs or work before it can be used?
  •  Did you not look at the item in the past year?
  •  Do you know what’s in a box of stuff or not (reading labels does not count)?

Forget about DIY projects that you might get around to in the future. Also, get rid of items that you have not used in a year. It’s important to ask yourself what the point of keeping boxes around is if you don’t even know what is inside of them in the first place.

Get a dumpster from One Mans Trash, and schedule an appointment with a local charity for pickup. It’s important to remember that some items are so far gone that donating them is not the best idea. It’s time to trash them.

After the Clutter Is Gone

You need to have an almost blank slate for the rest of the project. After the junk removal stage, you have to invest in more shelving than you might think. Get shelving that will hold all of your shoes, books, and kitchen items. The clutter will be gone without an ongoing headache. Enjoy an organized home without the junk.

Get Rid of Junk and Get on With Life

Contact our friendly staff at One Mans Trash at 513-232-3243 today. We provide the junk removal services you need to get rid of clutter and get on with life.