High-Density Bulk Trash Pickup: Protect Your Driveway and Spare Your Back

We provide roll-on dumpsters for a range of both residential and commercial clean-up jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area. However, not all trash is created equal. Often, a bulk trash pickup consists of concrete, rebar, or other high-density waste. In this case, we use special handling, and we recommend you do as well.

Bin Size

We supply dumpsters in sizes of 10, 15, and 20 cubic yards. If a customer requires a large bulk trash pickup, we generally recommend a 20 cubic yard dumpster instead of two 10 cubic yard dumpsters, in order to save the client money. However, we go the other direction with high-density loads, by limiting the size of the dumpster for certain types of waste materials. This ensures we comply with local regulations for payload weight, in order to keep from damaging the streets we use.

Driveway Concerns

Customers often prefer we park the dumpster as close to the trash as possible. Often, they choose the driveway. We can accommodate most requests, as long as the parking surface is concrete, asphalt, or stable gravel. We cannot park on dirt or grass because of the risk of a sinking dumpster.

In order to protect the driveway, we use polyurethane or rubber wheels, instead of steel wheels, on our dumpsters. However, the weight can still be a problem for some surfaces, particularly for asphalt on a hot day. A plywood protective e barrier can help. If a customer supplies the material, we can park the bin on the protective barrier. However, a better strategy is to park the dumpster on the road. In this case, the customer must be careful to obtain the proper city permit, if required.

Hauling Concerns

Many clients choose to haul their own trash. However, one study shows that people who are unconditioned to carry heavy loads should not lift more than10% of their own body weight. This is 20 lbs. for a 200 lb. man. This is not much for heavy materials. Concrete cinder blocks weigh approximately 40 lbs. each, and people often carry one in each hand in order to balance. This can put a serious strain on a person’s back. For this reason, we recommend that customers let us haul their loads to the dumpster for them.

Contact us at One Man’s Trash to help you deal with your bulk trash pickup. We can remove your high-density waste efficiently and safely.